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 grade your website with our 13 point review  

1 Logo

High resolution image that reflects your brand.  Ensure that the logo is high quality and does not have awkward white space surrounding the graphic, a .png file with a transparent background will be crisper than a .jpg file.   

2 Title

Your website title is usually the name of your business and may also include your business tag line.

3 Site Description   

Explains what you do, who you do it for and what solution you provide for your clients. Bonus points if you let some personality peek through.

4 Call to Action Element     

Directs your audience to what you most want them to do on your website.  Ask yourself if someone lands on my website what is the one thing that I MOST want them to do or see before they leave.

5 Recent Blog Post     

Clear and persuasive title, high quality image, relevant and helpful topics that give value to your website visitors.

6 mixed rich media

Assortment of rich media including video's, high quality graphics and images.

7 contact

Phone number and email contact.  A contact form is better then publishing an email address, if you do list an address use an alias address.


Link to all active social media profiles for your brand.


If your site will be processing payments then you need a secure site with an up to date SSL certificate and a seamless shopping cart processor.


Set up provider for your audience to submit email address sign ups to receive emails from you as part of a consistent email marketing strategy.  


Do you have patient paperwork, a helpful checklist, a shopping guide, handy how-to's?  Add it as a pdf file to your site with an option to view and download.

12 legal + details

Include your privacy policy, return policy, and terms & conditions.

13 Behind the Scenes

Test your site loading time, optimize your file metadata for overall seo score - which is a fancy way of saying use short keyword descriptions on all page summaries and image/video files, test your site for responsive files for mobile seo ranking, ensure your viewport width and scale render  mobile and tablet friendly versions of your site.



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