Social Media Policy

Your social media policy should be a collaboration between company leadership, human resource and marketing & sales. Please keep in mind that a social media policy is separate is from your social media strategy. Your social media policy is a clarification document to protect your company with clear inspections and set the stage for what is expected for both your employees and your company leadership.

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A Blog about Blogs: 30 Days + 30 Blogs Challenge

You all this is so fun, I’m writing a blog about writing blogs! I am committed to sharing with each of you in the most genuine transparent way that I can about how I am going to be doing this along with each of you. I’m laying it all out here and will tell you the good, the bad and the frustrating and hope we’ll all get through this together! Will you join me in the 30 days + 30 blogs challenge?

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A look Back... Change in Social Media

Things have changed a lot! When I started at Heckenkemper, I wrote content and that was pretty much it. The demands for social were all information via text. It’s crazy that in just four years, I look at my job now and it’s slowly evolved into something so different. After text came links to provide MORE information, resources and news. Then came images to make posts more eye-catching and vibrant. And finally, video. But one thing has not changed in all this evolution …each one of these components is still vastly important!

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