The introduction of social media to the business world has been revolutionary. Business’ first made their way onto social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn.  Now they’ve made their way to applications primarily used on phones, such as Instagram.
Instagram is more business-friendly than ever and with a consumer market that thrives on the visual, an online presence is more imperative than ever. Instagram has opened a whole new world when it comes to marketing for your company.


The transition is easier for some more than others. So we thought we would compile a list of applications in your Apple app store or Google Play store that will help you make your photo capturing look as professional as possible, no matter how new to Instagram you might be.

1. Instagram- Free
The application itself was one of the first of it’s kind. With over 20 different filters to apply to your photo, it offers variety to the user. Recently Instagram expanded their verizon by adding more advanced photo editing options for a simple editing experience.

2. Retype- $2.99
A typography app that allows you to put whatever text you want on top of the photo of your choice in a cool and modern way. Inside this app you can choose the color for your text, fade the text, and more. This app is user friendly and worth the cost.

3. Photogrid- Free
This photo collage creating application is simple and effective, exactly what you would want in an app. You can choose up to 15 pictures for your collage, or you can simply edit one picture with different filter and sticker options.

4. VSCO- Free
Short for visual supply company, VSCO is another photo editing pioneer that first took the social media photo editing world by storm. VSCO is very easy to use and offers a variety of photo editing options for every style of photographer.

5. PicLab- Free
This is another application where you can add your own typography, photo edits and effects. Some of the things this app focuses on are typography, stickers, and other fun additives. There are endless opportunities for the creative mind to add as many visual effects as you please.

6. Snapseed- Free
Snapseed is a great application to turn a picture you might otherwise delete into a high-quality creation. You can really just point and shoot with this app and it’s thousands of different ways to edit your photo exactly how you want it.

7. Layout, Boomerage, Hyperlapse- Free
All three of these applications go together under the Instagram umbrella. Layout is an easy to use way to make a photo collage. Boomerang is a fun way to edit your video with a boomerang effect. Hyperlapse is another neat way to speed up or slowdown your video to achieve a lot of video, staying in the 12 second time span that Instagram allows.

8. ProCamera- $4.99shutterstock_157606784
An application that helps you take pictures like a professional. This app shoots high resolution pictures that need minimal editing. It is Apple watch ready and you can adjust everything from shutter speed to exposure.

9. Photo Editor by Aviary- Free with buying options
One of New York Times’ best apps for iOS 7, this app offers a fun and simple way to edit your photo in seconds. With over 100 free and purchasable filters. As with a lot of these apps you can touch up things like red-eye or blemishes in pictures.

10. Canva- Free with buying options
Canva is a wonderful desktop website if you don’t want to edit on your phone. Canva is a wonderful tool for making graphics with modern web design and easy-to-use downloadable images. This is one that is great for making social media graphics.
Now that we’ve given you some suggestions we hope the transition over to Instagram can be an easy one for you. If mastered, Instagram can take your business and company marketing to the next level. Happy photo editing!