TOP 3 Mistakes Your Employees May Be Making on Facebook

Do you have a Facebook business page?  Do you have employees that mean well but may be making serious mistakes by "helping" you? These 3 easily avoidable mistakes that you can share with your staff & team and correct today.  It's great to have engaged employee advocacy, it's not great when that well meaning effort seriously derails your reach and in some cases can get your page suspended.

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Squarespace Web Design Tutorial | #1 Getting Started

This week I’m sharing a series of Squarespace Web Design Tutorials. I will begin with the very first step of creating an account and I hope you’ll join me and follow along.

Squarespace has become my go to site builder and I’m sharing all my notes and guide you with the same exact process I use when I build a site for clients.

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Social Media Policy

Your social media policy should be a collaboration between company leadership, human resource and marketing & sales. Please keep in mind that a social media policy is separate is from your social media strategy. Your social media policy is a clarification document to protect your company with clear inspections and set the stage for what is expected for both your employees and your company leadership.

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