7 Rules to Tradeshow Tweets

Twitter is the absolute go-to for trade shows and live events. It's pure, real time dialogue and the best way to follow the event as well as make online connections that last long after you are back in the office. The whirlwind of a conference & expo is demanding so here's 7 quick rules to follow to make the most of your twitter efforts.

1. Use the Event Hashtag
I'm serious, on every single tweet. It's on every single piece of event promotional material for reason, it's how the attendees follow the event so if you want your tweets seen then use the #DTECH2017 hashtag.
Bonus: If you use the event hashtag then your tweets get extra exposure on the digital tag boards positioned around the conference.

2. Use your booth number
I know you are listed in the event app, printed in the show guide and on the show map. But the attendees are busy and tired, make it easy and include Booth numbers in your tweets when you ask them to come see you!

3. Share pictures & videos.
Take pics and video's of your colleagues, your products, your booth, your demonstrations... decide what your message is then include a pic &/or video that supports it. Posts with pictures or video's dramatically increase your engagement and you are more likely to earn comments, favorites or retweets. 

4. Thank your followers.
So you've posted a tweet and someone comments on it, you absolutely 100% of the time need to acknowledge it. You can favorite it, retweet it or comment back take your pick but if you ignore them then you are missing out and discouraging them and others from ever commenting again.

5. Be social
Follow the #DTECH2017 hashtag, do a search in your search bar or just click on it in a post and twitter will automatically do a sort for you. Find posts from others that are interesting or engaging and comment, favorite or retweet them. Remember, social media is all about being social so don't be that rude person that runs into a room, shouts your message then runs out. No one likes to connect with shouters.

6. Take your connections online
Great, you just met someone face to face and got their business card. This is a real connection that your happy about, so now take the relationship online and find that company and follow them. Then to really standout post a tweet about the connection/introduction. This takes your face to face connection online and you're more likely to follow up and have a post conference interaction but it also shows your followers that you are active and engaged in your industry.

Include the event hashtag.
For example a tweet like this:

7. Inject your tweets with personality and make them compelling
Pull out your sales/marketing materials and think about your value proposition, what is the felt need of the people (your customers/connections) have that you are trying to connect with? What will resonate with them, now dare to actually say that. Twitter is about real conversations, drop the stale corporate speak and talk in real conversation dialogue.

*Take a minute to look at the #DTECH2017 feed, now how many posts look like this...

Excited to be here at #DTECH2017, be sure and stop by booth _____ to learn about ______

I know I'll see dozens like that today, step it up and talk about WHY you want someone to come by your booth or better yet show them with pics, conversations and shares. Challenge yourself to make your posts standout from the masses. Are you giving a demo? Do you have a giveaway? Is your sales team together? Why should someone stop by your booth right then... that's what you need to say. 

8. Get a hit list from your sales department

Yeah you know those colleagues of yours that are running all over the place trying to make meet ups or roaming the show floor. Ask them who they are REALLY wanting to connect with, this should be a list that is reasonable and realistic. Think 15-50 names, now find those people/companies on twitter. Follow them, and try to engage with them. Don't be a stalker and favorite or retweet their every post but make an effort to have at least one meaningful interaction.

*I know what your thinking, the title of this post was 7 rules so obviously either we can't count or we just had one extra one that was too good we couldn't leave it out. I'll let you decide which it is...now if you didn't even notice then you must be having a great time at DISTRIBUTECH!