Stephanie Heckenkemper: Tulsa Sports Commission

Tulsa Sports Commission: Quarterly Sports Forum

Stephanie Heckenkemper: Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Thank you to the Tulsa Sports Commission for inviting me to speak at their first Quarterly Sports Forum for 2019!

Great group of Tulsa Area sports leaders represented for the event. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about social media marketing. My goal was to give the attendees three effective best practices they could put in place for their groups.

  1. RESPECT THE PLATFORMS : Each social media platform is unique with respect to demographics, hashtag use and graphic and video dimensions.

  2. GREAT CONTENT VS THE RIGHT GREAT CONTENT: Be relevant or be quiet. Be cognizant of the format of your content mix.

  3. COMMUNITY MANAGER: Cultivating an engaged audience means you need to give them genuine attention and facilitate real conversations daily.

Thank you for attending and for your interest in advancing social strategies!

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Stephanie Heckenkemper TSC: Quarterly Sports Forum

Stephanie Heckenkemper
TSC: Quarterly Sports Forum

TSC: Quarterly Sports Forum 2019

TSC: Quarterly Sports Forum 2019