Time to Remove that Google + Link from your website

Goodbye google plus.heckenkemper..png

After years of rumors and speculation Google + is shutting down. Data breaches, API bugs and overall low time on site usage have all contributed to the shutdown and after yet another data breach they have accelerated the shutdown timeline.


What this means for you and your business is that it’s time to remove all links to your Google + profiles from your website, email newsletters, email signatures and other social profiles. The links will be soon be broken and no longer function. This is confusing for visitors to your website that may not understand the details of Google + and having broken links may ultimately impact your SEO and site performance. If you need help removing links reach out to your web designer that built your site or hire a designer for a quick edit.


As you update and review all of your print assets such as sales collateral, proposals, exhibit booth banners, and resource documents, you will need to update the templates and remove the Google + icons.


Remember to also contact your agency for any print ads or digital ads, you’ll also want to make sure you remove all Google + icons before submitting those for upcoming ad placements.

A note about the enterprise customers…

A small portion of Google + will remain intact for the enterprise customers that use it for internal company communications. This will in no way impact or reach the public consumer so it’s important to remove all public facing mention or links to Google + from all company assets.


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