To say we love #RunTulsaRun is an understatement! It doesn’t get much better than working an account that has a positive message, great community engagement and allows for a lot of creativity. Heckenkemper has taken over the Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run’s social media strategy for 2018. Working with the Tulsa Sports Commission and Tulsa PR firm Propeller Communications, we’ve been managing the runs’ social media profiles in preparation for the October 27th race day.  Integrating a meaningful message with the tight knit running community has been both humbling and personally awe-inspiring. 

We started with the basics of registration reminders, sponsor thank you’s and call for volunteers to build a base. But from there we were given free reign from the Race Director to make this our own in connecting with their established audience. We chose to do a heavy focus on letting runners tell their stories of why they were involved with the run or how it had affected their life. Connecting with these individuals was a huge glimpse into what the run means to people in Tulsa. And was wholeheartedly accepted by the #RunTulsaRun audience.

Another facet that was important to us was injecting a sense of humor into the regular rotation of posts. The running community is notoriously fun, sarcastic, light-hearted and real. We focused on every day issues like the boredom of treadmill running, using running as a means to eat lots of tacos, bathroom stops on long runs and so much more!  This gave the page an identity of being relatable and real. Plus confirmed that this wasn’t just content being churned out from a bot with the keywords being “running” or “15K race”. 

Lastly, a big component for the profiles was making sure that we were popping off the page, away from the other posts in people’s feeds. In using the #RunTulsaRun color pallet and expanding with complimentary colors, we were able to create graphics that gave the content an extra punch. We were lucky to work with a great graphics team from the run who helped support our imagery vision and kept us consistent on style guidelines.

Listen, some accounts are just fun to work on and #RunTuslaRun is just one of those! Being able to write for and produce creative materials for a positive community of genuinely great Tulsans (and beyond!) has been a great addition to our daily routine.

View the Facebook Profile: facebook.com/RunTulsaRun

View the Instagram Profile: instagram.com/RunTulsaRun


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