A look Back... Change in Social Media

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Change in Social Media

by Claire Lemaster

Things have changed a lot! When I started at Heckenkemper, I wrote content and that was pretty much it. The demands for social were all information via text. It’s crazy that in just four years, I look at my job now and it’s slowly evolved into something so different. After text came links to provide MORE information, resources and news. Then came images to make posts more eye-catching and vibrant. And finally, video. But one thing has not changed in all this evolution …each one of these components is still vastly important!



Content: Look if you’re not saying anything of value to your audience then the rest doesn’t matter. Social users are savvy and usually in a hurry. So, if you don’t provide them with real content, useful information, helpful resources, good deals then they are moving on. And not only are they moving on, after a few (or maybe one) let down from your page they are most likely going to unfollow or hide your posts. Why would they let your posts clutter up their feed if it’s not of value?

Links: Woe, to be a link on social media these days! Yes, the last few years have been hard on links.  While you want to share genuine, helpful content on your page from a third party, too many other people took advantage. This really ruined it for those with good intentions. Link image previews became limited then not editable at all. Then Facebook especially started pushing back on using links with their algorithm. It’s been a lot for those wanting to really share a great article! But not all hope is lost. If a page is genuinely active in their posting of relevant content and not blasting articles from sketchy sources, sharing the occasional, valuable link is not detrimental.

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Images: You’ve got probably less than a second to catch a user’s eye on social. So, you’ve got to have a good image or graphic attached to the post to do it. And no, you don’t have to have a graphic designer on staff to do this (don’t get us wrong, graphic designers are excellent, talented artists who can do a much better job than any of us)! There are some great tools out there like Canva and Adobe Spark to develop and manipulate your own images/graphics or photo services like iStock and Shutterstock to buy professional photos/illustrations from. Point being, when was the last time you saw a social post that was just text?

Video: Oh video, how valuable you are! Listen, video is where it’s at. This is an eye-catching way to disseminate information quickly with beauty, humor, entertainment value or wit.  And yes, video can be crazy expensive! While it’s completely worth it to pay for top-notch quality if your company can afford it, there are some great options like PowToon or 30 Second Explainer Videos that are low cost options. Furthermore, using your iPhone to video blog, document an event, record informational videos or testimonials is highly valuable as well.  Consider Clips or iMovie as your "go to" movie editing app. Put videos in your social library and your page will only benefit from this! Side note: don’t forget to check out all the great development and editing features within the video library like music, subtitles and more.

It’s immense to think about how much has changed in four years of working for a social agency! Things that once were so important have now taken a backseat to new and exciting advances. This is a growing, changing entity. Being flexible to grow and change with it is key. Continuing to learn and be on top of industry trends is what makes for the sharpest and must successful competitors!