TOP 3 Mistakes Your Employees May Be Making on Facebook


Do you have a Facebook business page?  Do you have employees that mean well but may be making serious mistakes by "helping" you? 

Let’s talk about 3 easily avoidable mistakes that you can share with your staff & team and correct today.  It's great to have engaged employee advocacy, it's not great when that well meaning effort seriously derails your reach and in some cases can get your page suspended.  


1. Set your Post Attribution 

Fail: A person with page manager access clicks “like” on a post but instead of liking it as themself it shows up that the page liked it’s own post. Well that’s embarrassing, not only does it look like you are really proud of your own post it comes across that you have no idea what you are doing on your facebook business page. Most importantly, you have missed out on a big opportunity. If that person with page manager access had taken the time to set his post attribution then when he “liked” the post, it would have given a like on the page which increases the value of that post to help it appear to more people and that activity would have shown up in the feed of that person’s friend connections.

Solution: Pay attention to how you are posting and look for the drop down to select either your personal profile or the business page profile. Adjust your default and set your post attribution! This is a setting that lets Facebook know how they should attribute actions from a page manager. Log into Facebook, go to the business page, settings, post attribution.

2. Using Spam Trigger Words

Fail: Using words that will suppress your post. Click now, share, call now, special savings, discount…. yes there is a list of words that Facebook considers spam words and if you use them then you're post and your page overall will be suppressed to followers and in some cases even receive a temporary suspension. I know you have a business to run but you must remember that social media needs to be social. If you look and sound like an ad in your regular posts then your followers are not going to see your content.

Solution: If you need to run an ad then build an ad through the Create Ad advertising platform in facebook. The rest of your posts need to be genuine, interesting, helpful, etc. Avoid this list of SPAM TRIGGER WORDS.

3. Spelling Matters

Fail: Repeated words and misspelled words are a big No-No in social media marketing.

Solution: Put together a process so that you are proofing and spell-checking your content before it goes live. Social media is a fantastic tool to produce and distribute your own message for your business so let’s make sure your message is heard… correctly. Grammarly is a helpful app if you need extra help ensuring your spelling and grammar are on point.