Does Your Small Business Need a Social Media Influencer?

If you have thought about connecting with a social media influencer let’s talk about the 3 things you absolutely need to know before getting started.

1. Mega Influencer vs Micro Influencer

A social media influencer is someone that talks about and engages with your brand on social media with the intent of increasing your brand awareness and most likely driving traffic to your social profiles &/or website from their audience. Mega influencers may have 100K+ influencers and some micro-influencers may have less than 1K followers and of course everything in between. Mega-influencers have a broader reach, but it’s often diluted and misses the mark with large segments of customers. Micro-influencers are the authentic voice of influence for brands. As we roll into 2019 we are all embracing and excited about the success niche marketing has shown with micro influencers. For example if you own a local fitness gym and are interested in folding in a social media influencer into your marketing mix I would suggest approaching a local nutritionist, private chef, local athletes/coaches or local stores that carry clothing or gear. See the connection? Think about who shares your audience, this will be someone that is not a competitor but instead someone that compliments your business and has an online audience that matches your ideal customer.


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2. You have several options on how to interact with a social media influencer, let’s talk details…

  • Sponsored Social Media Content - Influencer shares a post you provide to the influencer directly from their social profiles.

  • Gifts to Influencer/Unboxing
    Video or photo of influencer receiving your product/services.

  • Giveaways
    Influencer hosts giveaway on their profile with your product as prize to their followers.

With all of these types of posts, including high quality pictures and/or video are most effective. The key understanding here is Effective = Engagement.

3. Understand the Rules

You MUST ALWAYS disclose when you are working with an influencer in compliance with FTC. YES, ALWAYS. There are several options depending on the social media platform but please keep in mind that the influencer has to mention in the post that it is paid even if it’s just in free product or exposure. There’s a business relationship involved so you must disclose it to the audience. The FTC has agreed that "#ad" on any of the social platforms effectively notes that the influencer has been compensated in some way.

If you are just getting started with influencers I feel like Instagram has released the best paid content features and by far has the simplest program in place to clearly disclose when a company is working with an influencer.

Regardless of the platform, do not skip this critical step!


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