10 To-Do's for Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers Checklist.jpg

Make sure your social marketing is on point. While the work for social media marketing seems never ending, we’ve put together the top 10 absolute must do daily items for social media marketers.

  1. Start your day checking your company profiles on all platforms and reply to all comments, answer questions and respond to messages. Be sure to use the tone of voice that matches your brand! Cultivating an engaged audience means you need to give them genuine attention and encourage real conversations on your profiles.

  2. Review your monitoring software to keep tabs on industry keywords and hashtags. Find others that are talking about your brand and your business and engage with them - the good and the bad.

  3. Listen to your customers. Monitor topics, keywords and influencers related to your business - join discussions and be an online resource for both current and future customers. Document and archive common requests for future content ideas.

  4. Whats next? Research upcoming events, trends and look for current discussions related to your business. Your goal is to be the expert in your industry and share it with your audience.

  5. Read current news daily to be aware of potential conflicts and disasters. Adjust your brand messaging accordingly. In times of crisis make sure your message stays in context.

  6. Write engaging posts for your social profiles.

  7. Create graphics or edit photos for our social posts.

  8. Schedule your posts for peak times your audience is online.

  9. Monitor your competition.

  10. Facilitate employee advocacy with your company. Encourage employees to share and participate with the online social profiles. Successful strategies include email prompts, examples and prompts.

Your daily to-do list is critical to stay on top of your social media.

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