5 Awesome Planners that will get you organized for 2019!

Friends I love having a planner and use it daily to manage my work calendar, daily to-do’s as well as my family calendar and projects. I start each day with my punch list written out in my planner and have come to rely on it as a MUST HAVE ITEM to keep life on track.

The reality is I have calendar notices and reminders coming in from several different apps and systems so my pen and paper spiral bound planner has become the “MASTER CALENDAR” for absolutely everything. For me, my work calendar is loaded in my Outlook 365 calendar with meeting requests from clients and colleagues scheduled there. For my family scheduling, our school uses Renweb, so I’m often checking that app for the latest news and calendar updates. I also have the Group Me app with reminders from the scout troop and the Team Snap thankfully has all the sports schedules for both kiddos. I know I can check each of those systems/sources at any time but before I had it all together in one place I felt like I was constantly forgetting something. My weekly planner is what I use to stay organized and focused.

That’s a lot to pack into one planner and well it’s half way through December and I still haven’t picked out my new planner for 2019! I have reached out to my circle of busy moms and asked for their favorites. These top 5 were mentioned again and again as awesome planners that have some pretty fantastic details.

inkwell press.heckenkemper.png

Inkwell Press

The Inkwell Press planner was a top contender with the extra planning pages before each month which included a mission board, daily habit tracker and planning section for details specific to each month. This planner uses the disc binding which lets you customize your planner and remove or add extra pages and sections based on your needs during the life of your planner.


Erin Condren

When I asked my network to recommend a planner, the Erin Condren Life Planner was by the far the most recommended but when I followed up and asked if they used it most of the women said no they didn’t but they wanted to check it out. So it sounds like it has a great reputation I just can’t find anyone that actually uses it! I do like that you have the option for coiled binding or hardback and several layout options for your weekly planning in both vertical or horizontal formats. Stylish colors + it’s available in both 5x8 or 8x10.


Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner

When you look at the Simplified Planner you can tell right away that Emily Ley was an accomplished and highly regarded graphic designer before she launched a planner line. The design and aesthetics for her planners are gorgeous and the attention to detail showcase the quality. The options for the planner layouts are limited but they do come in both daily and weekly layouts with 6 cover options.

On a side note, I highly recommend her books A Simplified Life and specifically Grace Not Perfection!


The Happy Planner

I first saw these planners at Michaels and then again at Hobby Lobby then it seemed like half the busy moms I knew had a Happy Planner tucked in their totes. I believe the availability in big box stores has certainly helped because there’s just something about picking up a planner and flipping through the pages in person to decide if it will work for your life. The Happy Planner is available in 3 sizes and uses the disc binding system similar to the Inkwell Press planner. It has an almost unending assortment of add on pages and accessories that all just slide right into the disc binding, this makes it truly the most customizable of all of the planners reviewed.

Plum Paper.Heckenkemper.png

Plum Paper

I personally used a Plum Paper planner for several years dating back to when they sold exclusively on Etsy. They now have an interactive website and appreciate their custom order options, specifically how you can pick any month to start. It offers both vertical and horizontal weekly options and several choices to customize with over a dozen extra page sets for budgets, meal planning, daily habits, etc. The planners are stylish and sturdy with a coil binder. It offers a wide assortment of options to customize but the spiral makes it permanent for the life of the planner.

Let us know which planner is your favorite?