5 Social Media Posts Ideas For Your Business

1.Focus on the New Year! No matter what business you are in, everyone can find a way to relate to new beginnings on their page. From resolutions to fresh starts, clearing out clutter to organization, there is a topic for all to kick-off 2019! For example: 

Heckenkemper.January Social Media Post Ideas1

2. Get on their calendar! Now is the time to get those important dates out to everyone. People are filling in their paper calendar, planners and digital calendars as you read this! Let them know your important dates for 2019:

Heckenkemper.January Social Media Post Ideas2

3. Establish yourself as the expert. “Whatever you are, be a good one” – Abraham Lincoln.  The quickest way to show people that you are the elite in your field is to be knowledgeable. Showing them that you are up-to-date on the industry is key, so make a habit of sharing articles from reputable sources. For example, a realtor might share the following in January:

a.     January 4: HGTV article on getting organized

b.    January 11: Better Homes & Gardens article on 2019 Interior Design Trends

c.    January 18: CNN article on 2019 mortgage rate projections

d.    January 25: Real Simple article on Renovating Checklist

4. Keep it light! Share a funny industry inside joke, find a humorous article on something relatable to your business, take a Boomerang video of your staff at the Monday morning meeting. Anything to show your audience that your team isn’t all business, all the time!

Save the DAte.jpg

5. Get visual! Make some graphics, social media thrives on it! Yes, we know, you don’t have a graphic designer on staff. And yes, we know, you aren’t any good at making graphics. It’s all ok! We have all the help you need at our favorite graphics site: www.canva.com. Trust us now, thank us later! 


Tip: We have a tutorial on how to get creative with Canva.com. View it on youtube here: https://youtu.be/T0E3AMYms9s