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Did you know we don’t just manage profiles for companies, but we also do updating to business and personal profiles plus short-term management? Perfect example of this is our work with Kleimann Communication Group. Our team was brought in to get their dormant business profiles running plus update the personal LinkedIn profiles of the outward facing team members. 

Kleimann is a communication group that’s focused on being the expert for other businesses. Our goal was to update the look at content of their existing Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We created new graphics, updated “About” sections and did 6 months’ worth of content posting to the profiles. This gave their pages a fresh look and feel. Plus, the consistent posting was rewarded by showing their content more to their followers. Additionally, this gave their internal team a chance to see what kind of content should be going up and how to write for social. They then took over the reins of creating content for the pages.  

Secondly, for Kleimann, we worked on updating some personal LinkedIn profiles. With both partners being outward facing, well-known names within the industry, it was important they both had complete LinkedIn profiles. These two women are viewed as the top experts in the field, their profiles needed to match this. We worked to categorize and upload all their case studies, work history and consulting endeavors. Showcasing their extensive catalogue of industry knowledge and linking to all industry partners was key.  For these women, their personal credentials are a supporting nod to why Kleimann is so well respected. 

Finally, we encouraged the partners to not only keep up the posting on the business pages but also to make efforts to share and post from their LinkedIn profiles. As well as keeping their connections maintained when meeting and working with new industry partners. This further establishes them as experts in the industry. 

While our time with Kleimann was brief, it was a whirlwind of getting organized! This client came in with a clear purpose to freshen up their profiles and utilize their personal accounts and we accomplished that.  Kleimann is not only the expert in the communications industry but now they are showcasing it outwardly to potential clients and partners.