5 Social Media Post IDEAS for December

Need some inspiration for your December social media posts? Writers block is never fun and can be frustrating especially when you’re busy! We’re here to help with 5 writing prompts to inject your social media profiles with some fresh content.

1. Focus on the holidays and make the connection specific to your business.


December 12th - National Gingerbread House Day

December 14th - Free Shipping Day

December 26th - Thank You Card Day

December 31st - New Years Eve

2. Share a customer question

  • Ask your customers / clients a question - this will give you meaningful and helpful information about your audience and also increases and boosts your engagement on your social media platforms. The question needs to make sense for your audience and be relevant for your brand /company.


December social media post examples.heckenkemper

3. Share a Behind the Scenes Video or Picture of your office or store. This time of year you can share your staff getting ready for a sale or stocking items with a sneak peek of a special item. In an office setting you could share a pic of your team finishing a big project, preparing for a work trip or conference, celebrating a special moment - colleague birthday or work anniversary.

December post ideas.heckenkemper

4. Give yourself credit for a great moment or success. Share an award or certification you or your business have earned. You could share year end stats, a recap of your new clients, new branches, employee growth, new product lines, etc.

  • Example:

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5. Curate your content, select and share a helpful article. The goal here is to be the expert in your field or industry. Your social media channels should be more than just a constant stream of advertisements about your business. If you approach social media as an opportunity to be the leader of your market, so that anyone that thinks of your industry they think of you. Be helpful, respectful and relevant on social. If you own a real estate company share articles about winterizing your home, home organization, or community events because your clients are home owners - they are invested in the community where you live. If you are a pediatrician then share articles that resonate with parents like healthy school snacks, preventing sports injuries, technology/screen time use, etc. Again, the goal here is to go out and find articles that are from reputable and reliable sources and share them on your social channels with a note from you about why you think it’s important.