How to Write A Blog Post | Even If You Aren't a Writer

How to write a blog post

Hi there! You are here because you are either actively blogging or you’re thinking about getting started… perhaps restarted? Let’s dig in and break down the process and share some helpful tips along the way.

Blog writing is a fantastic way to share the knowledge you have with the people that genuinely want to learn more about what you know.

Regardless of your writing style, the number of blogs or articles you’ve written or wether or not you talk out loud when you type just so you can hear how it sounds…. we all share the same fundamental process when we write a blog post.

  1. Plan Your Post: Prewriting. When I’m sitting down to write a blog, first I like to think of how I would talk to a friend or client when I write a blog. I will actually picture someone I know that I would realistically talk to in real life about the topic and think about how I would explain things to them because I choose to write from a helpful guide point of view. I want you to flashback to your 5th grade english class and think about how you write a basic one page essay. Write your topic at the top, create an outline with 3-5 subtopics, make note of specific facts you are planning to include with the source and be sure to write your topic sentence >> this is the glue that holds your blog post together and keeps you focused.

  2. Name Your Post: Headlines. I could write an entire blog post about headlines and I think there may be books written just about how to write a compelling headline. I personally like to keep it simple and think about naming my blogs the answers to what people are googling. For example if someone is trying to search for how to write a blog post I want most if not all of those words in my headline. Moment of transparent honesty here… I write about 10 headlines for every blog post and pick the one I like the best. This is too important to skip over and is often the only reason someone chooses to click that link and land on your blog so take time to get it right.

  3. Write Your Post: Write like the wind. I love that saying but really I should say write like a person that has one job to do and that’s to write an informative and easy to understand blog post.

    Tip: Write your main paragraphs first, get the important things you need to say down on paper then go back and sprinkle in the extras. Add examples and dress up the language after you’ve nailed down your primary content.

  4. Visual Support: Make it Pretty. Add photos, graphics, charts, and videos on your blog posts. Visuals are important and I like to make graphics or edit photos to make my blog more visually appealing.
    Tip: Name your photo and graphic files to support your topic. Example I named the photo above in this blog post “Howtowriteablogpost.Heckenkemper.jpg”

  5. Review Your Post: Check Your Work. Spell check is the obvious first step - please don’t skip it! Also proof it to look for opportunities to trim and focus your writing, replace over used words and ask yourself did you answer the question? Did you deliver a blog post that sticks to the outline and topic sentence? Accept the fact that you could continue editing for eternity but it needs to be published and you have to get comfortable with letting it go. Put down the pen, hit save, pull the paper out of the typewriter. However you create your writing you hit a point where you just have to stop and know that some blog posts are going to be good and some are going to be great. You have to publish all of them to find out the difference.

  6. Metadata: The details. All blog platform websites will prompt you to add details… aka metadata for each blog post during the upload process. This will include categories for your blog, keywords and tags, and an excerpt sentence to appear in link previews.

  7. Schedule or Publish Your Blog Post. Your website should have the option to either publish immediately or you can schedule the day and time for your blog post to “go live” on your website.

Now get to work, you have some writing to do!