Social Media Policy

Your social media policy should be a collaboration between company leadership, human resource and marketing & sales. Please keep in mind that a social media policy is separate is from your social media strategy. Your social media policy is a clarification document to protect your company with clear inspections and set the stage for what is expected for both your employees and your company leadership.


Elements of A Social Media Policy

■Who is included in the policy EX: All employees

■Effective Date of policy

■Who will have access to company social media profiles

■Who will create content &/or approve all content posted on company 

■Who will monitor profiles for inappropriate content 

■Who will audit profiles and maintain records for passwords and access

■Procedure for employee turnover

■Expectations for employee behavior on personal social profiles

■Documentation procedure for violations, areas of concern on personal profiles

■Reference to social media policy in existing employee handbook 

■Safety training for employees utilizing social media as part of the jobs: Ex: Sales & Marketing employees