A Blog about Blogs: 30 Days + 30 Blogs Challenge


You all this is so fun, I’m writing a blog about writing blogs! I am committed to sharing with each of you in the most genuine transparent way that I can about how I am going to be doing this along with each of you. I’m laying it all out here and will tell you the good, the bad and the frustrating and hope we’ll all get through this together! Will you join me in the 30 days + 30 blogs challenge?

Blog writing is like a vitamin for your company website. Blogs clarify your brand voice, generate sales leads, increase your SEO score which improves your ranking in search on google and it increases and boosts your social media engagement when shared on your social profiles. This all sounds fantastic so why don’t more business owners and marketers blog? We know it’s good for the bottom line so why aren’t we all blogging?

I believe the answer is a breakdown in either your systems or your habits. Do you have a system in place for blogging? Did you ever actually learn how to blog and have you held yourself accountable to executing what you know on a consistent schedule? Let’s tackle learning the system of blogging and creating a habit in your daily work flow with the 30 day blog challenge in December 2018. Join me now and by the end of the year you will have dramatically increased your search return for your website, generated new business leads and boosted your social media followers and engagement.

Let’s Get Started…before we dive into the details and back end mechanics of blogging on your website and how to manage blog categories, keyword meta data or even scheduling let’s talk about the writing process. Get yourself organized and think about your online audience, your target customers and reflect on what you think they want to hear from you? What do you have to say that is valuable and relevant right now? Be purposeful and intentional in what you choose to write on your blog and have a plan so you have a mix of content.

  • Brainstorm your category topics. I’m going to pick 6-8 categories and write a handful of blogs in each category to ensure a balanced mix of content. I’m using my business as an example and will be doing the 30 day blog challenge as well for my own company. I started with the services I provide- I want to share the most common questions I get from clients and industry peers and helpful tutorials. I also want to share some client profiles success stories. So my category brainstorming looked like this:


    • Social Media Management

    • Squarespace Website Design

    • Google Ads

    • Graphic Design

    • Branding

    • Client profiles

  • Next you’ll need to create a list of specific blog topics. This is where we drill down and get very specific for each of the different categories. I had 6 categories so I’m starting with a goal of at least 3 blog topics under each category but I know some will have more than others. I came up with about 35 blog ideas then I crossed off a few that were my least favorite and this is what I ended up with as my list of 30 blogs in December:

    • Social Media Management

      • 10 Daily To-Do’s for Social Media Managers

      • 5 social media post templates for December

      • Working with social media influencers

      • How to audit your social profiles

      • Social Media Policy

      • 10 Reasons social media matters to event planners

      • Photo releases

      • Grab attention with facebook stories

      • How to create a social media strategy - 6 steps

    • Squarespace Website Design Tutorials

      • How to set up a website hosted on squarespace

      • How to plan your menu structure with URL integrity

      • How to add a custom domain to your website and choose hosting plans

      • How to add a pop up window linked to Mailchimp newsletter signup

      • How to schedule a blog post

    • Google Business & Ads

      • Getting started with google ads

      • Online ad budgets - determining ROI

      • How to claim/edit your google business page

      • Google reviews

    • Graphic Design

      • Stand out on instagram with creative graphics

      • Make gorgeous graphics when you aren’t a graphic designer

      • Social media graphic sizes - how to format for each platform

      • Logo trends for 2019

      • How to make a basic logo for your business

      • How to hire a graphic designer

    • Branding

      • In a world of fake filters stand out with a genuine personal brand

      • Refresh of brand style guide blog from last year

      • Improve your brand strategy on a budget

    • Client profiles

      • Political clients - compilation of fall 2018 election cycle

      • Kleimann

      • Heckenkemper Real Estate Team

  • Now here is where having a system in place becomes critical. I have a great list of topics but to transform that into a blog post is where things get real. For many this is where you get stuck… as in I have these great ideas but they are on post it notes or in a folder on my desk.

  • Three words to live by for blog writing.

    Schedule >> Write >> Post

    SCHEDULE: Actually put the blog post topics on your schedule, yes you are blocking off writing time with the blog topic on your calendar. I personally use Microsoft Outlook so I’ll add an appointment for each of these blog topics and schedule blocks of uninterrupted time for myself to write. I strongly suggest that you give yourself a running head start and put the ones that you believe will be easier to write in the first week. Make a list 1-30 and assign one of the blog topics you came up with in brainstorming for every day of the month. December is 31 days long so in this 30 day challenge I’m giving myself New Years Eve off so if you are following along with me let’s plan to have a new blog post go up Dec 1 - Dec 30th.

    WRITE: Blog posts can be as simple as a short few paragraphs, to full descriptive tutorials with downloadable guides and graphics. You may even decide to do video blogging instead (vlogs) or a blended mix of all of the above. The point is you have to put writing time on your daily schedule. Give yourself a cut off to finish it then post it. You must hold yourself accountable to publish when your time ends. I’m serious, use your time management skills and yes I know you’ll have to adjust your topics and ideas on the fly when you see you might be running out of time on a specific blog post. This is why we like to write a blog post with the big idea, get your framework down then go back and add details and examples as time allows. Get as far as you can and when your writing time ends, it’s done. Yes, really it’s done. If you are tackling a broad robust topic… you may consider writing a part 1 and part 2 series and break your topic into two separate blog posts. Rely on your editing skills here and ask yourself if it really does justify two separate posts?

    POST: Post your blog, be sure to include a graphic or photo when appropriate as well as an excerpt description that will appear in link previews. Tip: If you are writing ahead and have several blogs written then schedule your blog posts to publish on your website so you don’t have to manually post each day. My website is built on squarespace and it is easy to schedule blogs in advance on that platform. I know that wordpress and many other web platforms let you schedule your blog posts in advance as well.

The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30.
— Lorne Michaels

Lastly, after your posts are published each day share a link to the blog post on your social media profiles to drive traffic to your website!

Can’t wait to get started!