Is Social Media an Afterthought in Your Marketing Plan?

Social Media Manager.png

How long do you make your customers wait for an answer on social media? How hard is it for your customers to find you on social media? Do you have profiles on social media that you no longer post to or worse don’t even have access to?

Too often I hear about social media being squished into someone else job description or are you handing it off to intern with no guidance or structure. I’m here to say now please don’t hand the megaphone for your company to an intern aka the person in your office that knows that least about your brand and has no experience creating a marketing strategy.

Social media is unique mix of marketing, pr, graphics, video, customer service, sales and HR. It needs intentional effort and a dedicated team. Take control of your social media strategy and let’s make 2019 the year you get it right.


  • Find and access your social media profiles - Think of this as the big round up. You need to find all of your social media profiles and reset the passwords. Make sure your recovery emails are set to an email you have access to.

  • Audit your profiles - This is where you make sure all the descriptions with brand hashtag, web address, contact emails and phone numbers are correct. For a more detailed how to for auditing your profiles visit this helpful blog post: Spring Cleaning For Your Social Media Profiles.

  • Designate a Social Media Team - put together a team of people that will be involved in creating your social media strategy and plan in place. Here’s a helpful detailed guide on how to kickstart your Social Media on a Budget.

  • Write your annual social media plan with SMART monthly and quarterly goals and benchmarks to measure your success.