Stephanie Heckenkemper: Digiknow 2.0 Conference

Digiknow 2.0

Stephanie Heckenkemper: Advanced Social Media Strategies session at Digiknow 2.0 Conference

Thank you to Association for Women in Communication for inviting Heckenkemper to be a part of their DigiKnow 2.0 conference this week! 

I was honored to be asked to present and jumped at the opportunity to lead a session about Advanced Social Media Strategies. 

Now let's be real here for a minute, I knew I would have a great audience of marketers - folks that already knew the basics and would be coming in with experience using and marketing with social channels.  This group was beyond the let's get started talk... BUT and here's the big pause... I had an hour.  One hour! 60 minutes friends. Yep, so even though I'm a fast talker I had to have reality check with myself and know that there is no way I can condense my 3 day training program into an hour session at a conference.  So I did the best thing I could think of and took the highlights of our training class and presented it as a self assessment to the room of marketers with a challenge to each of them.  I asked them to reflect on the topics and here is my recap blog where I've promised to share the visuals and talking points on the topics we discussed - I wanted everyone thinking and reflecting in the moment instead of writing notes! 

Thank you for attending and for your interest in advancing social strategies!  

Stephanie Heckenkemper

Stephanie Heckenkemper

Graphic by: AWC Tulsa

Graphic by: AWC Tulsa

Advanced Social Media Strategies | DigiKnow 2.0 Conference | January 23, 2018

Advanced Social Media Strategies | DigiKnow 2.0 Conference | January 23, 2018

1. Self Assessment Challenge >> As we all raise our levels of discourse, challenging ourselves and our social marketer community as a whole I'm confident we all help each other better understand how to make meaningful impacts for brands and business leaders using social media marketing.

A few favorite resources to watch & use for research are:

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.40.34.png

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.40.45.png

2. A comprehensive and deliberate social strategy has clearly defined goals of measurement that include cross platform metrics and should umbrella over multiple departments including at minimum marketing, sales, HR, and customer service. Essentially answering the question "What does success look like?"

3. Audit all of your profiles quarterly updating and archiving photo & video albums, editing and proofing page descriptions, graphics, back-end settings, etc.

We wrote a couple of blogs that might help with this, check it out here: 

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.40.55.png

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.41.07.png

4. Wow, could talk all day about content to include variety of categories, include mix of rich media and follow an editorial/content plan for strategic messaging.  
The magic sauce of content should be where these 3 criteria intersect: 

  1. What do you want to say

  2. What does your audience want to hear

  3. Is it genuine + helpful

If it doesn't fit in ALL THREE of these benchmarks then what are you doing??? 

Video should be in your regular rotation, if you are looking for gear to make adding video a little easier?  We wrote a review, view it here: 

5. Customer retention and customer acquisition have very different messaging styles and needs, evaluate your content and strategy through the lens of both divisions of this audience.  This is where targeted ads &/or dark posts can customize a message to segments of your audience.  A strong understanding of your client acquisition and conversion path will serve as a guide to developing an ad strategy with ongoing qualifiers for engagement.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.41.41.png

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.41.52.png

6.  This is where I usually see wide eyes and lots of scribbling... ask yourself do you really have a plan in place for a crisis?  When a crisis is on your radar that is not the moment in time you should be creating your crisis plan!  A crisis of your brand or in our community will require a shift in whatever you had planned for that day or even week.  Brainstorm potential topics ranging from a customer service complaint to a catastrophic crisis including loss of life.  It's an unfortunate reality that workplace tragedies occur ranging from gun violence to workplace accidents.   Evaluating when to weigh in on national conversations surrounding a community crisis should be pre-determined with broad guidelines.  I know this is a tough part of the job and crafting a crisis response plan should be given serious diligence.  Pre-writing ensures content is accurate, proofed, and approved by leadership.  Pre-planning ensure the clear chain of command on who will be taking over messaging in a crisis, who makes the judgement call on when to suspend your regularly prescheduled content and switch to crisis messaging and who has access to the accounts if the crisis includes your social media manager? 

7. Influencers and how to use them for your social strategy.  With the recent study by we now know audiences trust micro-influencers more then traditional mega-influencers and are more likely to engage with their peers versus a celebrity.  This means the neighbor next door has more reach for your brand so implementing a community approach to micro-influencers will be the trend for 2018. 

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.42.13.png

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.42.24.png

8.  Analytics are now beyond the counts of followers and likes.  Utilizing pixels and web traffic analytics show the big picture on ROI of social media and shares valuable insights into your unique audience behavior driven by social versus other inbound traffic.  We also love the ability to test campaigns on social as your test market to fine tune before launching in print or digital avenues.  


9. Evaluate your employee advocacy strategy and self identify where your company is on the scale from pre-social to social optimization.  Leadership buy in, training, and invest in technologies and tools to implement. Checkout Amplify by Hootsuite for an enterprise solution, for smaller business needs on a budget a scheduling software paired with training and reminder cues can be very effective.  

  1. Pre-social

  2. Curious

  3. Cautiously social

  4. Community Cultivation

  5. Social Optimization

Pro tip: Details and a demo of Hootsuite Amplify are here: 


* Disclaimer, they don't pay me to refer people I just love a smart system that works!

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.42.35.png

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.42.54.png

Parting thoughts... Protect your audience, remember they are real people and not just an objective. Don't ever be lured into buying likes or followers - yes people still do that and they call us desperate to "fix it" because it dilutes and corrupts their reach.  Remember to BE social, listen to them, talk to them, be helpful and genuine! 

Thank you again to the team over at AWC Tulsa for inviting us to speak at DigiKnow 2.0!  Please let us know what you were most interested in when you signed up for the Social Media session or what you want to know more about now? -  Stephanie




Click to view & download slide deck.

Click to view & download slide deck.