Live Video Tech & Gear

Video is now a mainstream component of a successful content strategy and live video should be a regular rotation in your social media mix.

As powerful and compelling as live video is for your audience,  unfortunately an unstable camera is a frustrating and annoying distraction.  A shaky camera on a Facebook or Twitter live session will have audience viewers jumping off faster then you can say "Don't Go!"  

Step 1. Light It Up

Enhance and brighten your video with a ring light.  I like and use the QIAYA Ring Light, it's rechargeable so I never have to keep up with batteries and love the clamp style of the light so it fits easily on my iPhone, tablet or laptop.  This interchangeable set up means I use one light for all devices and will never outgrow it if I swap out phone styles. 

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QIAYA Ring Light
Screenshot 2018-03-26 11.22.06.png

Step 2: Let's Hear It

Echos, background noise or an uneven voice can derail a video. Step up the quality of your video with a lavalier mic or a directional mic on your phone or tablet. I like the rode mic series or the iRig series, here in the office I use the IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast podcasting mic for smartphones and tablets.  

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Step 3. Stabilize It

A basic tripod is where you need to start.  I love a small desktop version for the convenience of always being handy and small enough to take with you.  Invest in a taller version for shoots that have uneven terrain or upward standing shots (think trees, outdoor landscapes, or our favorite... trade show floors. 

iOgrapher offers a great starter pack that fits your phone. It attaches to your tripod easily or the comfortable handles help hold it steady for when you are mobile on the go.  I like that you can add on wide angle lenses and microphones to maximize your video quality.  The downside is it's a custom fit for your phone size so if you change phones you'll also need to upgrade your iOgrapher model. 

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OSMO is true hand held stabilizer + camera.  The gymbol ensures a smooth stable video even in the most extreme environments.  I like that the camera pivots to forward or rear facing and the attachment to hold your phone accommodates a variety of sizes. It attaches to your tripod and comes with a remote for a truly versatile solution. 

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Claire Lemaster with iPhone 6 iOgrapher + wide angle lenses, mounted on 6 ft tripod.

Claire Lemaster with iPhone 6 iOgrapher + wide angle lenses, mounted on 6 ft tripod.


Regardless of what you choose, what's important is that you are investing in solutions that upgrade your audience user experience! 


Step 4: Edit & Publish
A roundup of our most preferred video apps.

On mobile & desktop
This is my go to editing software for video. It's easy to use and like that it's easy to set up templates.  It's a drag and drop interface, so simple to add titles, text, voiceover and insert still images into your video file.  

On mobile
Video can be shot in the app itself, or you can import pre-recorded segments from your camera roll. There's a range of filters that can be applied to either - these include a cartoon style and another that looks like an inked drawing - plus a variety of titles and graphics that can be overlaid.

On mobile
Vont is a simple and free app best to use for adding text to video.