7 Apps For Busy Working Moms

Here at Heckenkemper we are an office of working moms, so a little tech talk in honor of Mothers Day today!

Here is a roundup of a few apps that I personally give a big stamp of approval but the list is always growing. If you have a favorite that I haven’t included here please share it in the comments below! I always have my phone with me so when I can find apps that help me out or make a frustrating task a little easier I get excited, I mean really really excited because squeezing every minute out of the day is what busy mom’s do best.

  1. Dropbox – FREE
    Dropbox stores photos, documents, and videos that you can access from any device. Your phone, your laptop, your work/home computers can all access the same dropbox account. I used the Dave Ramsey Legacy Drawer forms (available for free HERE) to create a complete list/backup of critical documents we might need in an emergency, along with copies of wills, insurance policies, etc.
  2. Google Drive – FREE
    I’ve just recently discovered Google Drive from a photographer friend of mine. I’ve started using this app for backup storage of all 12,000+ photo’s on my laptop. I like this interface a little better for photo sharing compared to Dropbox but either would work.
  3. Mint – FREE
    Love this app for keeping our family finances and budget all in one spot. Very convenient alert functions and custom budget settings.
  4. Evernote – FREE
    Ok so I’m going to try not to get too sappy but Evernote helps me hold my life together. I have it open most days at work, it just makes my life in the office work. I keep notes, to-do lists, save important emails (you know those emails that just live in outlook b/c your afraid to delete them?) Yeah, all that and so much more, it has a powerhouse of uses so check out a great tutorial on it HERE
  5. Diapers.com – FREE
    Ok so my kids are finally out of the diapers & pull-ups stage (cue the dancing!) but it was just earlier this year so I know the frantic holy crap we’re out and I just don’t have time to go to the store feeling. 24 hour delivery is what fills my heart with joy, peruse and order diapers, formula, toys, and other assorted baby/kid supplies including green & eco friendly options.
  6. Yale Cleaners – FREE
    Yes I’m giving my dry-cleaners some free advertising and promotion on here b/c their app is the best by far of other dry cleaners I’ve tried. It shows me exactly when my order is really done and in-app coupons that are constantly reloaded keep my dry-cleaning from breaking the bank. If you’re not sure what to spend that extra money that you save on… wine, always wine.
  7. Walgreens /CVS – FREE
    Full disclosure I actually have and use both of these apps regularly. I use CVS for actual pharmacy prescriptions, taking sick kiddo’s to the pediatrician already takes a big chunk out of your day and wasting time waiting for a phone call or loitering in the store looking at Easter Candy in December is not for me. I get immediate notices and updates on if they need insurance information or if the meds are out of stock etc. Also appreciate the in-app coupons for over the counter meds. I use the Walgreens app primarily for photo ordering b/c like so many mom’s most of my pics come from my phone and so I regularly order on the fly from my phone to keep those valuable snapshots stored safely off my phone.

Question: What apps do you use? Please tell us in the comments below