Pipeline Energy Expo: Social Media Event Management

We are lucky enough this week to have one of our events happening just down the street! The Pipeline + Energy Expo is happening in Tulsa and we stopped by. This gave us a chance to take some great pictures, see our client in-person and chat with exhibitors and attendees.

While not all our events require the full suite of monitoring, live tweeting, pre-scheduled posts and more, it is important to add a layer of authenticity whenever possible. So, a big goal for us this week was to get to the event and take some pictures! We snapped away at the #PipelineExpo to add pictures to a handful of posts that were going up throughout the week. But also, to have a bank of pictures to use for the coming year. Nothing looks better on a post than a live picture as opposed to a stock photo!

Our clients trust us to handle their biggest events down to the smallest detail. So just because an event doesn’t require as much of our time and attention, doesn’t mean it’s less important. Going to meet our client on-site to check in, assess their needs, be a familiar/friendly face is crucial. We are here to ensure that their needs are being met and the social feeds look good. What better way to make that happen then to have a five-minute chat, face-to-face!

Lastly, covering events is about reaching the attendees and exhibitors. We’d be careless to not talk with them, engage them in-person and get real feedback from them! Walking the exhibition at #PipelineExpo, it was great to just visit with the people we are talking to behind the computer screen year-round. We had a captive focus group of sorts, telling us what they did and did not like on social, what they need more of or what was missing. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

We spend a lot of time in the office, reaching out on social media but it feels good to step out and say “hey” in-person too! Don’t be afraid to approach work from a different direction every once in a while.