How do you “Go Live” with Twitter?

Twitter has gone live! Connecting live is one of the biggest trends to hit social media. Not only has live streaming become a powerful digital tool, it has allowed human connection to flourish between communities, as well as businesses and consumers. Following in the footsteps of Facebook and YouTube, Twitter added the streaming feature in December 2016.

How do you “Go Live” with Twitter?

Twitter Live can be accessed through the app:

Click compose a Tweet.

Twitter Live 1.png

Tap “LIVE” to be directed to the pre-broadcast screen.


Frame your shot and write what’s happening if needed.

Press “Go Live” to start broadcasting.


Press “Stop Broadcasting” to stop.


Monitor, review and download! 


By using Twitter live, businesses can engage with their customers by providing them with live moments and interaction. Viewers may also “like” the video throughout the broadcast by tapping on the screen to send hearts. Twitter encourages users to share their live videos with #GoLive.


Get ready 2017! Twitter Live is here! What possibilities can Twitter Live bring to your business this year?