Think You Know What A Social Media Agency Does For Your Business? Think Again!

Think you know what a social media agency does for your business? Think again! Most companies do not fully understand what social media can do. Social is often written off as an “add on” or “thing for teens” but the research shows that’s just not true. Ok, so even if clients are there, you don’t have anyone on staff to manage social for you….we’ve heard it! Let us tell you how a social media agency can help you be active and engaged on social platforms to improve your business.

First and foremost, social media let’s you connect with your clients. 72% of adults online are on Facebook, so throw out the “my clients just don’t use social media” because most likely it’s just not true. So they are there, waiting and ready to be talked to. Your agency will work with you to gather what’s important for your company to communicate from the overarching company message to specials, important dates, sales, new products/services…basically anything going on with your business. And it doesn’t just have to be sales focused (although that’s great and important!) but agencies can connect you with your audience on a personal level too. Showing them that your company is run by “real” people only endears you to them. Giving them a “slice of life” around the office makes them feel folded in. It’s simple, your agency talks to the audience about all things YOUR COMPANY.

This easy and effective communication increases your brand awareness in a matter of posts written by your agency. But your agency isn’t just going to throw information out there and walk away; they are going to listen. Social listening let’s your company see how all those messages are received. Did they respond well to that special sale? Did they like seeing what the day to day in your office is like? Did they react when launched that new product? Your agency will hear them! And even better, your agency will talk back. Creating engagement with your audience is valuable. Most likely this connection goes above and beyond anything your competitor is doing to market themselves to the audience. You are now the dynamic, engaged and aware brand.

So your clients are there and now engaged, but what about all those other people out there that you want to be a client? Well you are in luck because social media is a great place to identify, develop and target new audiences. Your agency knows the ad module of all social platforms well. They know how to build campaigns to increase your audience base with demographic tools ranging from geographic location to personal interests, career industry to age, language spoken to relationship status and so much more. The robust search for audience development makes it easy to reach a broad mass of people or target down to a small niche.

But maybe audience growth and customer engagement is already being achieved and you want more. Ok, we’ve got that. Let’s talk about increasing your SEO and web traffic. You have a website, you show up somewhere in Google rankings but then what? You want to show up higher in Google right? Well every time your agency shares content on your page that links back to your website, every time someone RTs or shares or clicks on those links, you are benefiting from not only someone landing on your web page but also improves your search rank. Search engines reward this kind of traffic with increased backend status.

Another great thing that your social agency does is manage social advertising! No matter how you look at the numbers, social media is going to win out in the advertising war. Your agency can run a campaign for $1 (not that we recommend that!). But no matter how big or small your campaign, advertising on social reaches a captive audience that you can finitely define. Don’t make us point you back to the paragraph about audience demographics! From graphics to audience identification to messaging and campaign adjustments, your agency has the knowledge of how to build and manage campaigns in the social sphere.

Finally, your agency is peace of mind and security. This is what they do, they take care of it for you. What is “it”? Any of the above! You don’t have to hire a dedicated staff person, cover their salary and hope they have enough work to fill 40 hours a week. Your agency takes on the account, for far less cost than a full time employee, and assigns you to social media managers that deal with these platforms day in and day out. These managers work to know your brand, listen to your clients, identify your audience and deliver high ROI for ad campaigns. These managers are up to date on the social industry’s latest trends, developments, new platforms and best practices. So let them impart this social wisdom on your brand!