Spring Cleaning For Your Social Media Profiles

It’s time.   Our handy guide shows you how to take 15 minutes to do a clean up and maintenance on your social media profiles for business & individual pages.

Your profiles are on and accessible 24/7 and they need some attention from you for a regularly scheduled clean up.  When clients, colleagues and new contacts see and interact with your social media profiles think about how it looks to them?

  • Do a roundup of where you have social media accounts & profiles and delete & close down any abandoned profiles.  As in when you realized snapchat owns every pic you post or you can’t remember if you ever officially closed your old myspace profile. If you don’t use a profile/account regularly empty out your pictures/content & close the account.
  • Review your about section.  Did you change your last name, get a new job, move?  Also, it’s a good idea to add your current email address into your account if you want contacts to be able to find your profile.
  • Smile: Update your profile photo and make sure it’s appropriate.  A good casual pic is great for Facebook or even Twitter but LinkedIN images need to be professional.  Update your header image on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Speaking of pictures let’s review your photo’s & video:
    1. Archive & save any pictures that your friends tagged you in that you want to keep.
    2. Untag any pictures that your “friends” tagged you in that you don’t want others to see.
    3. Take 5 to scan your pictures and objectively see what your pictures say about you. Too many drinking/party pics, questionable humor, or bathroom selfies are a big NO.
    4. Don’t forget about any youtube video’s you’ve uploaded – check those too!
  • Review your content posts: Consider deleting/editing posts
    1. Excessive posting during “work hours” raises questions about what exactly do you do all day
    2. Offensive or vulgar language should be removed
    3. Balance is the goal here – did you go on a 20 tweet rant about politics, religion, your coffee?  Do you do a 20 tweet rant every week?  Anger and passionate convictions are two different tones, which is your profile telling?
  • It’s all in who you know: Friends /Followers / Groups
    1. Twitter – Use Untweeps.com to find twitter accounts that you have followed but that have been abandoned so you know who to unfollow.  Very simple and quick to use.
    2. All other social platforms review your connections and see who you should disconnect from.
    3. Review groups that you’ve joined on LinkedIN & Facebook – are you active in them or is it time to say ciao?
  • Security:
    1. Review the apps you’ve authorized for each of your social media profiles: to do this log into each account, go to settings, then click on Apps.  Every app you’ve authorized will be listed. Purge as needed.
    2. Check your overall security settings for content, photo’s, location services, etc.

And that’s it, as in you now have a cleaned up profile ready for any white glove inspection.  Did we miss anything?  Tell us what else you did to clean up your profiles?