How To Get Retweets!

If you want to talk about feeling special in the world of social media, get retweeted and see how it feels! Everyone wants the retweet and some even secretly strives for it in every post they tweet. It’s almost like acceptance in high school: “am I clever?”, “am I witty?”, “am I popular?”. While there is no sure fire way to get retweeted, we do have some tips to help you along!

  1. Finish your Twitter profile! If you have the Twitter egg as your profile picture then we’ve got problems. Get going! No one is going to retweet something from what looks like a half-finished profile. Show some pride in your Twitter account and add a nice picture of Y.O.U. Also take the time to add a new banner photo as your header.
  2. While we are on the subject of finishing your profile, it’s not just photos that make people trust you…fill out the bio with a little about you, the personal or the professional you. Link to your other social media profiles or your website. The more you share the more people feel you are a genuine person and not a lurker!
  3. When you tweet, share content. More often than not, tweets with a link in them are shared more. So people are looking for content to share whether it’s informational, clever, fun, newsworthy or something else.
  4. Less about you and more about anything else! Think about the retweets you read, how often is it about someone pumping gas or waiting in line at the grocery? I’d hope not very often! People are more likely to retweet something universal or broad than specific to one person.
  5. #Hashtag it! We’ve made no bones about how much we love hashtags so just get on board! Hashtags are fun, short, witty indicators on your tweet. Don’t make them too long or complicated, just one word or short phrase that relates to your tweet. It never hurts to see what hashtags are trending at that moment on Twitter either!
  6. Think about mentioning someone of stature or status in your tweet. Using the “@” along with their twitter handle/screenname tags them in that tweet. Often times, they are likely to retweet this to their followers.
  7. Speaking of mentioning other twitter users, don’t just go big with celebs or leaders, mention your followers, customers, clients, staff or partners.
  8. Ask questions! What better way to engage people and get possible retweets then to simply ask something. People love giving their opinion and helping so use this as a way to interact.
  9. We mentioned links earlier, that applies for pictures too. Content is King! Links, pictures and videos enrich your tweet far more than using all 140 characters on text.

Now that you have tips for writing tweets to help you get retweeted, let’s take a quick peek at how you can retweet someone else. So someone tweet’d something you like and you want to share with your followers, here is how to proceed:

1. Look for the toolbar at the bottom of their tweet and choose the “retweet” icon. Click this and it will automatically be sent out to your followers.

It will show up as a retweet by you but still shows the original author’s picture and Twitter handle.

2. If you want to edit the tweet before you send it, perhaps add a comment on it, you simply copy the tweet and paste it in to your “compose” box. Add the letters “RT” in front of it (this is the universal abbreviation for “retweet”) and follow that with the author’s @TwitterHandle. Be careful with what you type before the “RT” as your contribution to the message as you still have to fit in the 140 characters. You may have to get creative editing what you say or what of their original tweet you keep!

Get out there and practice tweeting! Tag @heckenkemper in your tweet and we’ll retweet you ASAP

SOCIAL MEDIAClaire Lemaster