Today I spent the morning downtown at the Digi-Know workshop hosted by the Association for Women in Communications. Big thanks to them for putting this half day workshop together, I firmly believe it's important to always continue learning and it's a bonus when I'm reminded of the basics and yet inspired to see things through a fresh perspective. 

My Doodles >>> I am a visual thinker, my notes never really look like notes! This is my takeaway from the day and have to share I'm feeling energized and validated that regardless of what a client hires me to do at the very center of the scope of work I am the ambassador of their content.  Thinking of ways to articulate and showcase that in our proposals and pitches to highlight this critical first step.  

Also, I confess I nerded-out (is that a thing?) when the guys from over at Gitwit [Jacob Johnson, co-founder, and Ben Perrault, campaign director] started talking my language and walking through Facebook ad funnel scenarios.  There are so few people in Tulsa that really get this and I LOVED their presentation.  Yeah, I know everyone thinks if you work at an agency then your not supposed to talk about all the other agencies in town much less give a compliment but guys seriously, you nailed it and loved your test model and your willingness to share your results because frankly that NEVER happens.  Here's the thing...HECKENKEMPER began as a social only agency... so for the first five years we were focused exclusively on social media it was all we did so yeah we do absolutely nerd out when someone dives deep into the back end of the Facebook ad module! 


In all, a great day. I'm not a professional member of AWC yet but seriously considering attending another event to learn more about this group in Tulsa.