TULSA WORLD: Local business leaders see both opportunities and challenges in coming year

We're famous!  Well we're quoted I should say.  Tulsa World reached out to Stephanie Heckenkemper for our take on what to expect in the business scope of Social Media in 2018. Article was featured in the Tulsa World, published December 31st, 2017.  
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How will the economy and industry perform in 2018? We asked local business leaders what they thought the new year would bring. From banking to real estate, energy to entrepreneurship, read about their expectations for Tulsa.


Stephanie Heckenkemper, Agency Principal of Heckenkemper

Small business will continue to thrive in Tulsa — business leaders are expanding and exploring innovative ways to engage directly with their customers. Consumers are putting a greater value on researching and connecting with companies online and will expect accessible interactions instantly. They want to connect with real people at the stores and companies they buy from, no bots or automated response messages.

We expect to see businesses shift away from the “Buy! Sale! Like us!” rhetoric and focus instead on sharing content that matters to their core audience. Video will play an even larger role, and live video will be a regular rotation in the social media mix.

Mega-influencers have a broader reach, but it’s diluted and misses the mark with large segments of customers. Micro-influencers are the authentic voice of influence for brands. How to mobilize this to a practical strategy will be the focus for 2018. The key understanding here is Effective = Engagement.

Social media is ever-evolving, and small business leaders do not ever stop trying. Stamina and endurance have been and will always be the force that keeps things moving in our community.