Stephanie Heckenkemper: Guest Speaker at Home Builders Association

I was invited to be be the guest speaker and present 7 TIPS FOR PROFITABLE FACEBOOK MARKETING hosted by the Home Builders Association of Tulsa this week.  The HBA is a professional association bringing together leaders in the housing industry and related vendors and suppliers.  


Wow, have to say I didn't know what to expect but of course it makes sense that the Home Builders Association would have such a modern and beautiful meeting space in their building.  

Area builders, developers, and mortgage & financial professionals filled my audience today.  My focus was on being authentic and sharing meaningful, helpful content to engage and build a community of followers on their social platforms - these are the types of businesses that are perfect for building a real tribe online of loyal customers.  This groups most common area of interest was on the backend maintenance logistics of managing content so I shared a thorough review of planning, scheduling, and monitoring tactics.

The calm before I get on stage, my favorite part! >>>

Thank you again to the HBA for inviting me to speak with this group, I hope to return and tackle other topic that we just didn't have time to cover!