Pictures From The Office On Social Media

Sitting in the office today, chatting with Stephanie about ideal pictures from clients for social media. And honestly the answer we came up with is ANY PICTURE!! Ok, maybe not any picture but close to it. Here’s the thing, pictures enrich your page, boost content and just make your page look good. Think about when you go to a Facebook page and scroll down the wall…what catches your eye? PICTURES! We know you’ve got great things to say and your text is probably awesome, but as they say “pictures are worth a thousand words”.

So what to snap? We don’t want you taking pics of every single task but also don’t be shy about it! Here’s our list of ideal pics:

+ Staff meeting

+ “water cooler” or breakroom chats

+ Group project work

+ Office improvement or DIY projects

+ Client meetings/interaction (if they approve!)

+ Client appreciation

+ Staff outings, lunches, retreats

Lax moments around the office

+ Every day activities (to an extent!) – you don’t want every time you use the hole puncher posted online but think about candid shots of office life that your audience would connect with.

+ Staff’s personal pics (be appropriate!) – did someone at the office run a race this weekend, volunteer at a shelter or go to a concert? You don’t need every single staff members weekend camera roll but small slices of personal life can be great for connecting with your audience.

In the end, just be human and be yourself…that’s really all people are looking for on social media is a common connection.