Banning, Deleting, Hiding And Reporting >> How To Keep It Civil On Social!

“They said WHAT?!” <— How often do you check your comments on Facebook and your heart sinks to your shoes because someone has made a negative comment on your page? Hopefully not too often! But even for that “once in a blue moon” occasion, it is the worst. So how do you handle it? Let’s look at the choices you have to best manage the situation:

Deleting: Let’s address deleting first because for the longest time this was the only option. Sure you can delete any comment made on your page but is that the best idea? Often times deleting a comment only angers the person which can lead to more negative comments. While this is your right as the page manager to do so, there are some better options to protect your page’s integrity while not opening yourself up for more negativity.

Hiding: Facebook nailed it with the Hiding option. The page manager can hide any comment on their page. To the person posting, it still appears to be there, but to the rest of the audience, it no longer appears. This takes away any fear of the negative poster coming back to pick a fight over deleted comments. Once the comment is hidden, the page manager can still see it and choose to unhide it. But let’s look at the other options that come up once a comment is hidden.

Report: Ever the good watchdog, Facebook is great about giving the page manager the option to report a comment/user for inappropriate content, spam, foul language and a whole list of other options. It is important as the page manager to take the time to report a user if they are constantly spamming or harassing your page. The good news is that it does not tell the negative person who/what page reported them.

Banning: This is the final FINAL choice and often a good one. Banning a user removes them from having access to your page, posts, audience, photos, etc. This option allows you to protect the integrity of your page from users that just won’t stop posting inappropriate content, using foul language or just plain spreading their negative attitude around your page.

Your Facebook page is a direct line to your audience, don’t be afraid to protect this page. Deleting, Hiding, Reporting, Banning are all good resources offered to shield your brand from being attacked.  But be very thoughtful in using these tools. Often times addressing a negative review or comment (that’s not full of foul language or spam) out in the open, directly on the post, can do wonders for your brand! Showing your audience your quick response and resolution of a day-to-day issue or problem is a good thing…and might even save that particular client. So use the tools wisely and rest easy that you’ve got some protection on your side!