Content Planning Keeps it Fresh

Facebook always gets us doesn’t it? 2015 rolled around and the big algorithm change came requiring less “salesy” and more genuine content. And while this can be a huge headache for some businesses, we took this as a great opportunity to freshen up all our clients. We had already been feeling the 2014 doldrums towards the end of the year and talked about revamping our writing. Facebook just gave us that extra push…you know the one that says “do it NOW”. So here goes, what did we do / what are we going to do:

What did we do?
• We sat down as a team and went through our clients, line by line, post by post and talked about language, substance and importance. Sure it was tedious and redundant but it got us all in the mindset of that client.
• We cleaned up language, avoiding those black-listed words, worked on tone and refocused direction where we’d gone astray.
• We brainstormed for new topics to include in the list of usual suspects.
• We researched credible news and industry sources for articles, white papers, blogs and content.

What are we going to do?
• We are going to take the time to each month / week to search for original and credible industry content and news to share.
• We are going to work with our clients to encourage more original thought and content in the form of blogs and white papers.
• We will include more conversational, straightforward questions to our audience to create a dialogue.
• We will talk to our clients more to insure we are staying on top of their “wish list” and staying at the forefront of what’s happening in the industry (I mean, who knows better than they do?!)
• We commit to continuing our effort to enhance our client’s pa