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We are having an exciting (and busy) week at Heckenkemper! It’s Power Generation Week and we are covering this huge event LIVE. With over 20,000 attendees from around the world, #PowerGenWeek is a massive undertaking. This is our third year in charge of all the social media. So just how do we handle a live event? Read on for the details…

Planning is key! While we are prepping for the event year-round, the month before is crucial. We work with our event manager to determine what is the most important list of details on-site. This list combined with the schedule of events gives us a framework for writing. We prepare a set of posts covering all the reminders for sessions, keynote address, exhibit floor opening, lunches, networking events, giveaways, and so much more. These posts keep the attendees informed and our hashtag constantly in their feed.

Scheduling is your friend! Next, we take these pre-written posts and schedule them via Hootsuite (or Buffer or Sprout, whatever your favorite is!). Don’t forget to check your time zones. Account for the time difference: if you say “lunch is in 15 minutes” and it posts an hour off because you’re on Central Time and the event is on Mountain Time, then you’ve got hungry, annoyed people! The good news is that pre-scheduling this framework of posts lets your feed run and look good while you focus on engaging and monitoring.

Stay on top of the streams! We set up a stream to monitor the hashtag so we can see every single use of it. This lets us engage anyone on-site or following along at home.  Liking, RT’ing and replying to attendees in real time not only encourages them to participate more, it’s also a constant push on your hashtag to perform better. The more engagement means the more upticks on your analytics! P.S. yes, we really do at least “like” every comment, post or tweet we see…if not further engagement.

Real time can’t be beat!  So, we’ve got posts going out regularly, keeping attendees informed. But we also have someone on-site (sometimes from our team, sometimes from the client’s team) that is taking pictures and engaging attendees in the moment. These pictures are shared either by the on-site person themselves or sent back to our office to be added to new posts. This layer helps enhance the feed with a sneak peek into what’s happening for those not in attendance or encourages those on-site to get to this great thing they see happening! Bonus: this also gives us a chance to collect images for use throughout the following year on this account. How great is it to have actual pictures from a session to use instead of adding yet another stock photo? Answer: really great!

Track it! Finally, of course we are tracking our hashtag. We want to know how well it’s performing. There are so many great services out there, we will let you find the one that fits best for your needs. Our office currently uses Hashtracking. Tip: make sure to set up your hashtag a month before to start collecting data.

That is a quick run-down of how we handle LIVE events. If you have a minute, drop by Twitter and type in #PowerGenWeek to see what’s happening on-site!

UPDATE: So, are you curious how well #PowerGenWeek did?
The hashtag was used in 4,439 tweet with 25 MILLION timeline deliveries and 1.8 MILLION people reached. Jackpot! 

^^^ We utilize TAGBOARD to stream social posts live during the keynote and at key locations around the conference. 

^^^ We utilize TAGBOARD to stream social posts live during the keynote and at key locations around the conference.