Facebook & Organic Reach: Tough Facts

This was not great news to share with our clients but something that we’ve been suspecting for some time. Each time Edgerank makes their dreaded announcements that they’ve changed the algorithm yet again it’s never been good news for brands business pages.

What does this all mean to you?

We know that currently Facebook shares business page posts through organic reach but the extent of the reach has been at a steady decline for the last 12 months.

Now there is a lot more that goes into the number of posts that are seen, it’s not a blanket percentage. For example if your posts include images, links or even better video they will be presented to a higher percentage. Also the history of activity of your followers weighs in heavily, if your posts are liked, commented or shared then Facebook will present them at a higher frequency. What this tells us that the need for well developed content ingrained with rich media is even more critical now for both organic reach as well as capitalizing on the reach of paid or promoted posts. What it also tells us is that the days of relying on organic reach are numbered, Facebook will likely stop being a free distribution channel for business pages. We are also seeing that Facebook has been enforcing their rules about using personal pages for business promotion.

Ad Age has put together a great summary of the study used to explain this shift in algorithm, read the full text here: Ad Age Article

How are you currently handling your social media profiles and how will these changes affect your plans?